A Love For Life

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb…My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret.” – Psalm 139:13-15

“Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…” – Jeremiah 1:4-5

These two passages of Scripture are perhaps the most well known in speaking to the pro-life cause. While the people being talked about directly are David and Jeremiah, respectively, these words give testimony to the universal fact of life existing in the womb (pre-birth), and also that in the mind of God we are known even before conception!

God loves life! He loves life so much that, rather than allow it to be overcome by death (in sin), He sent His beloved and only Son to win life for, and give it to, all people. Because of this, we Christians also reflect this attitude in our lives. Part of this love of life involves being willing to speak up for, and protect, those whose lives are threatened unjustly (from conception to grave). God loves life, so we too love life.

As Lutherans, we have a fine organization called Lutherans for Life that helps to provide us with information on various life and ethics issues. Every year, Lutherans for Life has a national conference, and this year’s conference is being held in Irving, TX. If you’re interested in attending this year’s conference, you can still register for it. Our Redeemer Lutheran Church is serving as the host congregation and sponsoring the opening worship service on Friday, as well. We at Our Redeemer love life! Staying informed through an organization like Lutherans for Life is one way to help ensure that you can do what you can for the cause of life.

Another thing we as Christians can do is to raise awareness of organizations that help to further access to, and use of, activities such as abortion (whether they knowingly aid in this or not). In fact, there’s one particularly egregious example right in our own backyard.

I’m sure that we life-loving Christians hope and pray constantly that the scourge of cancer would be wiped out. In recent years, the fight against breast cancer has gained a high-profile, and much publicity, through several organizations, but probably none more high-profile than Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Surely this organization cares about preserving life, right?

Unfortunately, many local Komen chapters (including our local Dallas chapter) give a portion of the funds they raise through Race for the Cure directly to Planned Parenthood. You can see this for yourself here. More troubling is that Komen makes every attempt to justify this funding by claiming that it’s restricted to “screening awareness” and “mammography services.” While this restriction is truthfully in place, Komen is still involved in ensuring that Planned Parenthood can continue to provide abortions to anyone who desires one from them.

Here’s how. Imagine that Planned Parenthood has two buckets: one for abortion funds, and the other for all other services. They have a limited amount of funds which they can put in both buckets combined. Therefore, some funds cannot go into the abortion bucket. When someone like Komen donates funds to Planned Parenthood that can go in the “other services” bucket, that leaves more funds to go in the abortion bucket! Get it? And for an organization like Planned Parenthood, this is crucial for their financial longevity, because at least an estimated 10 percent of their health-center revenue comes directly from abortion services.

This is such a tragedy, because Komen (an organization with an ultimate cause that we Christians can get fully behind) doesn’t need to give money to Planned Parenthood! Rather than bending over backwards to justify their actions, they could instead give local money to other non-abortion-affiliated medical clinics (for women or otherwise) that could help with breast cancer awareness and screening. It would be a win-win for Komen and for all those who, probably unknowingly, are yearly helping to raise some funds for an organization that primarily functions to destroy life.

What can we do? We can pray that those in charge at Komen would relent of their justification and instead find other places to donate this money. We can write to Komen and ask them to do just this. We can talk to those we know who are involved with Race for the Cure and ask them to make it known that they don’t want to have money they raise go to a cause that ends life, rather than tries to preserve it (a safe estimate is that easily 75% of Planned Parenthood’s clients who report themselves pregnant end up receiving an abortion.)

Also, we can support other cancer-fighting groups that don’t support a pro-abortion organization. One large breast cancer fighting organization in particular stands out as an excellent example which we can support while we wait for Komen to do the right thing – the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

I will recommend a couple books that you might find interesting that deal with the Christian view of life. One is by Dennis Di Mauro, and is entitled A Love for Life. Another is by Richard C. Eyer, and is entitled Holy People, Holy Lives: Law and Gospel in Bioethics. Both are interesting books which speak directly to many life and ethics issues we face today.

Finally, a word of Gospel. If you begin to look into life issues, you may come face to face with an experience you’ve had, or perhaps even a time when you inadvertently or unknowingly (or even knowingly) worked for or supported an organization or choice that isn’t consistent with a love for life. In feeling guilt over this, know that our Lord Christ has overcome this sin. He took even that guilt with him to the Cross, where it was put aside forever. Have peace in Him, for He gives you life.