On Pink Ribbons and Visible Support

The congregation I am called to serve has a very notable location. We’re right across from the ritziest mall in Dallas and right next to the major north-south highway between Dallas and the northern suburbs. We’re right in the heart of a bustling urban area, and see a ton of traffic every day go right past the church.

We also, therefore, have to endure many events throughout the year. One of the major events takes place tomorrow – the Dallas Komen Race for the Cure. The start and finish of the race takes place right out our front door. Pink ribbons are up everywhere in the area right now.

It strikes me as odd that we as a society (and let’s face it, many Christians) put so much effort into not only participating in this event (which I’d not recommend) but in also making every effort to visibly be a part of this cause. Yet when it comes to our Christianity, our beliefs, we often remain curiously ambiguous and hidden. We are washed clean by God! He has laid claim to us in baptism, calling us by name, marking us as redeemed by Christ the Crucified. He calls us to love our neighbor, to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have, and to live each day in newness of life.

Yet so often the only time we are eager to show forth He who has given us life is on Sunday morning, with those who are of a like mind. And throughout the rest of the week, we appear as everyone else, and are only eager to show forth our pink ribbons (or whatever else might receive the praise of men). It doesn’t mean we are selfish to do so – no, in fact we might be doing these good deeds out of love for our neighbor. But when are we going to wear (and bear) our crosses and Christ just as visibly?

Let us be people of the Cross, and not of glory and the world and evil.