I'm So Glad I Sold My TV, #1

A new series on just what we let into our homes and minds through the TV.

This morning I was all set to write a piece on the whole Komen-Planned Parenthood flap. By now, with Susan G. Komen for the Cure having effectively reversed their decision and re-opened the door to local affiliates again funding Planned Parenthood, that article is now in the hopper. Another one will come soon, but not now. Frankly, I’m just too disappointed and angered.

But, in the meantime, this brouhaha has brought to light something very important for all Christians to understand. The world hates us, and hates the truth, and it seems that the news media are the bully pulpit of all the lies that hate brings with it. So I commend to you very strongly this article by Mollie Hemingway. It is a must read; not for the Komen-PP angle (which it’s very informative on), but for enlightenment regarding the modern day news media (at least of the major TV network variety).

I miss watching Lord of the Rings on a big screen, but otherwise I’m so glad I sold my TV.