Pastors, post-Easter

Some pastors refer to Holy Week, culminating in Easter, as the “Super Bowl (or Big Game) of church”. I suppose this is an apt description. Easter Sunday usually sees annual peaks of attendance, and provides a wonderful opportunity to preach the fullness of Christ’s Gospel to many people who will hear little of it for the remainder of the year.

But after Easter? Pastors are tired and ready for a bit of a break. Many take a vacation in the week or two after Easter with their families or friends. There are many different ways that they can relax and unwind – and nothing is sweeter than when a parishioner or family member helps them to do so.

In my case, my wife gave me a pedicure. Wait, what? Isn’t that just for the ladies? You might think so, but I’m now convinced that it’s for dudes, too. Perhaps you don’t realize this, but a pastor’s feet are pretty weary when the last Easter service is wrapped up. A nice soaking, a firm foot and leg massage, and a bit of care for the feet go a long way towards relaxation.

Perhaps you’re thinking there’s no way in tarnation that you’re going to give your pastor a pedicure. Fine. But consider something else nice, like a massage gift certificate. Or maybe he really loves golfing for relaxation – buy him a round! Get to know your pastor, learn what his hobbies are, and see what you and your congregation can do to thank him for diligently and faithfully preaching the rich Gospel of Christ to you (and so many others) throughout Lent, Holy Week, and Easter – if not the whole year!