How To Be Pro-Life, Part 1

We’ve been praying for our sister in Christ, Maggie Karner, for several months now. She has just written a beautiful, kind, faithful article for The Federalist, engaging the story about Brittany Maynard, her brain cancer, and her decision and public announcement thereof to take her own life. This is how we can be pro-life: trusting in the Lord for His care, and boldly confessing this to the world when we can.

Death sucks. And while this leads many to attempt to calm their fears by grasping for personal control over the situation, as a Christian with a Savior who loves me dearly and who has redeemed me from a dying world, I have a higher calling. God wants me to be comfortable in my dependence on Him and others, to live with Him in peace and comfort no matter what comes my way.